PostgreSQL 9.0 Release Candidate 1


 he first release candidate for PostgreSQL 9.0 is now available. Please download and test immediately so that we can move rapidly towards final release. All known bugs should be fixed, so users should promptly report any bugs which they find.Note that, due to a system catalog change, an initdb and database reload will be required for upgrading from 9.0 beta versions. We encourage users to use this opportunity to test pg_upgrade. Please report your results.If you are able to help with testing, please see the testing page: changes in commands, interfaces or APIs are expected between this release candidate and the final version. Applications which will deploy on 9.0 can and should test against 9.0rc1. Depending on bug reports, there may or may not be more release candidates before the final release.Source code, as well as binary installers for many platforms, is available from the PostgreSQL Web Site:* Source:* One-Click Installer, including Win64 binaries:* Binaries for other platforms:* Release Notes:* Participating in Testing:

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